Leisure Centre Plans Don't Add Up...
Leisure Centre Plans Don't Add Up...


The Conservatives are flogging a dead horse with their plans to privatise the management of all five District Council Health & Leisure Centres in the New Forest.

They have been trying to sell the idea for over two years but it has received a thumbs down from Customers, the wider public and the Unions.

The Liberal Democrats have tried again and again to make them wake up and smell the coffee and to abandon the whole idea.

The businesses that have shown an interest in taking on the leisure centres have all been hit very badly by the Covid-19 restrictions. What may have been profitable business operations in the past are now not so profitable and it calls into question whether they could really provide a long term, stable, future.

Council run facilities have the advantage of not having to make a profit to satisfy shareholders. They can be run on a break-even basis, for the benefit of the community.

People are increasingly asking "Why change something that has worked well for 40 years with staff that are highly experienced and know how best to run the centres?"

Personally, I think that many Conservative Councillors have doubts about the plans. The problem is that it is being driven by a few Councillors who believe the dogma "Privatisation is always best".

If the Conservatives ran the Council properly, allowing the Liberal Democrats to lead the scrutiny process, these plans would have been dropped long ago, allowing officers to concentrate time and effort on more productive things.


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