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Councillor Davod Harrison

Lapwings & Politicians


The question I pose today… What is the link between a flock of lapwings and a group of politicians?

I saw a large flock of lapwings, probably a hundred or so birds, flying over Marchwood this morning as I was out delivering my Annual report… oddly enough on the “birds estate!”

I smiled because the collective name for a flock of lapwings is “A Deceit”.

The lapwing, I photographed here, is portrayed as a deceitful bird in Chaucer, where it is said to be ‘ful of trecherye’

‘Plover’ was used in the 17th Century as a nickname for prostitutes and other ‘deceitful women’. Such associations linger on even today – the collective noun for a flock of Lapwings being ‘a deceit’.


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