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Councillor Davod Harrison

It Takes One To Know One

Boris Johnson In Tehran
Boris Johnson In Tehran

The most interesting article I read this week was from a newspaper columnist, unusually, writing on the topic of another newspaper columnist.

I doubt if this has happened before, except for an obituary.

However, if I tell you that the subject was our future Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the author, Matthew Parris, then the reason becomes clearer.

It was a fascinating insight into how the minds of columnists work and explains a lot about the position Boris has taken on Brexit.

Matthew explained that writing newspaper columns is, above all, about entertainment.

It is necessary for the author to take up a position and argue it to death.

Importantly, it isn’t at all necessary that the columnist actually believes in the argument he sets out.

I already knew that at one stage, Boris was said to have written two articles, one strongly pro-EU and another, equally strongly negative about the EU.

Matthew seems sure that the decision by Boris to adopt the Brexit stance was everything to do with political opportunism, a chance to advance his career, rather than a studied decision to do what is best for the country.

He says that Boris will discard the Brexit coat, the second it suits him to do so.

It’s always embarrassing for the Conservatives to have one of their own attacking another Conservative… called “Blue on Blue”.

It does confirm my long held suspicion that there is no real substance to Boris… he blows with the wind, albeit in a very entertaining manner.

These are not qualities that are fitting in a Prime Minister.


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