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Councillor Davod Harrison

Is a change of mind called for?

President Donald J. Trump
President Donald J. Trump

It is an unusual set of circumstances that finds a British government pursuing policies that they know will make our country less prosperous.

Whilst the conservatives can say that they are carrying out the will of the people, expressed by the referendum, they have chosen to interpret it as “leaving the customs union and single market”.

Just about every economic advisor and even the government’s civil servants have said this will mean paying a heavy economic price, just at the time when we were hoping to move away from the years of austerity.

Those in charge, have the privilege of ignoring advice, if they wish to do so.

It is exactly the same when President Trump defies the advice of his Chief Economics Advisor and slaps tariffs on imported steel, ignoring what other countries might then do in retaliation.

Of course the irony here is that those who favoured Brexit were saying that our “special relationship” would mean that we could make up what we lose trading with the EU by increasing our trade with countries like the USA.

You just can’t help but think that as circumstances change and our prospects outside the EU seem increasingly bleak, a change of mind is called for…..


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