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Councillor Davod Harrison


Budget Speech - Councillor David Harrison
Councillor David Harrison
First they will ignore you.

Then, they will trash all your ideas.

Next, when the first and second approaches have not worked, they will copy your ideas and claim them as their own.

It’s absolutely fascinating to see the way the Tories are responding to the open dialogue with the public, suggesting ideas for the Liberal Democrat manifesto.

In the space of a few weeks, they have moved from stage one, to stage three, claiming that they are about to reduce the number of Councillors on the New Forest District Council.

I put forward this particular idea at least three years ago.

Had it been implemented, the taxpayer would have saved in the region of £400,000 by now.
Instead, they declined to do anything and have only recently decided “to consider it”.

As far as any actions are concerned, they have actually increased the cost of Councillor allowances by needlessly creating an additional two Cabinet posts…. and the crazy thing is that many people still vote Tory thinking that they are best at saving money and keeping council tax low.

I have challenged a local Tory Councillor who has had the cheek to claim that they are already proposing to implement some of the ideas put forward, by asking for some evidence.

I won’t be holding my breath, expecting it to arrive anytime soon!

Still, it does show how opposition members can exert influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers on the Council.



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