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Whatever the result of the referendum in Scotland on Thursday, it is clear that things will never be the same again.

The “yes” campaign has already delivered the promise of more power so that Scottish people can run more things in ways that suit them, rather than having to do what Westminster dictates.It therefore follows that there will be an irresistable demand for the different regions of England for more power.

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle! Nobody is very keen on more layers of government so the real answer will be to give more resources and decision making powers to existing local authorities.

This can only be a good thing because, for too many years, power has been taken away from elected Councillors on so many issues, including health, education, how our police service is run, planning and even how money raised locally through tax can be spent.Less and less people have been voting in local elections.

This is a serious worry because the group that votes the least are younger people. They believe that voting in local elections makes very little difference. Sad to say, this is largely true.

When a Council is starved of resources and has very restricted powers to change things, it matters very little whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal or UKIP.

In many ways, we might be on the brink of something very exciting. The best people to decide on what happens in Hampshire are elected Hampshire County Councillors, not unelected, unaccountable who have no mandate to do what they decide is right. We should still not have to be battling to keep the toxic chemical, fluoride, out of our tap water.

I hope that Scotland will decide to stay in the United Kingdom. It should be a much better country when the reforms go through and oddly enough, we will have the nationalists to thank for it!


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