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European Union
European Union
European Union

European Union

Our Prime Minister doesn’t seem at all certain on the question of whether the UK should exit the European Union, re-negotiate the terms or play a full and more enthusiastic role.

He is getting conflicting advice from all sides, often by people who are absolutely certain they know what is good for the country.

It is a time for leadership. I think he has listened to all sides of the argument. Most of the public are pretty ill-informed about the facts, so he rapidly needs to make his mind up and spell out what he thinks is best for the country.

I am worried that he proposes to undertake a lot of quite useless posturing on the European stage. This would be a very great shame. In the past, Britain has ensured that the EU has remained competitive. Our liberal instincts have meant that we are outward looking and a force for trade liberalisation throughout the world.

He has hinted that he might try to threaten the heads of other European Nations if we don’t get things all our way. The big threat is that we will leave the EU. This seems to me like somebody saying they will shoot themselves unless everyone in the room doesn’t do what he wants. It’s a pathetic starting position on which to enter negotiations.

As a Liberal Democrat, I am keen that Britain advances our interests by forming allliances within the EU and pushing for European Union wide reform. Quite clearly, there is a lot to be done but things won’t get sorted out by us dithering on the margins.

I think we should completely change our attitude towards the EU. We should commit to it, help shape it, make it more democratic and open.

At present, I can fill the chill winds of isolation threatening to leave us permanently in the cold. Only working together, as part of the European Union, can we hope to have a secure and prosperous future. Even politicians in the United States accept this.

So, Mr Cameron, take advice from a humble Liberal Democrat like me not to sit on the fence. Jump down, let’s gather our forces and charge !


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