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Councillor Davod Harrison

The Importance Of Wildflowers

wildflower meadow
Very few issues to do with the environment are straightforward, especially so when looking at issues in a wider context than our own small country.

I am pleased that the Tory Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, is expressing opportunities for enhancing our natural environment if we leave the EU and are no longer subject to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

It’s an opportunity for British farmers to adapt to more sustainable farming methods, rather than relying on subsidy.

It also appears that we might see more incentives for farmers to deliver more biodiversity in the way they use their land, rather than taxpayer’s money being used to pay grants to wealthy landowners who don’t need the money.

So many of our natural wildflower meadows have been lost in recent decades.

Without the range of plants, we don’t get the insects, the birds or the predators that make for a healthy, natural, environment.

I think we sometimes kid ourselves that having wildflowers grow on the roadside, next to constant flows of heavy traffic, somehow makes up for the loss.

If only butterflies and moths could vote!

My own preference would be for all of the people across Europe to work together to improve the prospects for nature.

The CAP could be reformed and there would be more chance of that happening if we had a seat at the EU table.

The bigger worry, right now, is that the terms on which we leave may be so damaging to our economy that neither farmers or government will have the resources to invest in protecting and enhancing our environment.

I don’t think this was an issue that most people considered when voting in the referendum, but ..ho, hum.


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  1. Deb on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    The plants in the image are cornfield annuals not wildflower meadow! Many species need grass as food plants for their larvae. Cornfield annuals help provide nectar for adults and look fantastic when they are in flower but a true wildflower meadow that is useful for many species of wildlife at various stages of their lifecycle, is no where near so pretty!

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