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Councillor Davod Harrison

If They Can Afford It ….

press report on budget speech
press report on budget speech

Good press coverage today, following my budget speech at New Forest District Council.

It was interesting that a large number of conservative Councillors approached me after the event to congratulate me on the content of my speech and tell me that they privately agreed with almost everything I had said, including abolition of the Right to Buy council housing which has led to the loss of 50% of our council homes in the New Forest.

Government has squeezed council finances so much that I think all parties have become quite disenchanted.

We seem to be moving towards a situation where the council will be able to do little more than pick up household waste.

The cutbacks do not impact everyone equally.

If you are wealthy you can insulate yourself from the loss of public services by all sorts of means.

Drivers of 4X4 Range Rovers are less impacted by potholes.

If the local leisure centre closes, they have the capacity to buy private gym memberships.

Who needs a library when you can buy all you want from Amazon?

Local park not maintained?… Why worry if you live in a large New Forest home with a few acres of land.

Increase in crime?… This always affects poorer people much more than the rich.

I think we might have got to the point where some people might willingly pay an extra sum voluntarily if it means society isn’t to break down in a way that will ultimately divide and destroy the quality of life for many people who aren’t wealthy.

In my view, it’s worth a try… see if it works.

If it doesn’t then perhaps socialism will take over!


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