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Councillor Davod Harrison

Hopes For Red Cross Facility

Red Cross Entrance
Red Cross Entrance

My optimism that something might be sorted out that prevents closure of the Red Cross Mobility Centre, in Totton, as well as others facing the axe has risen a notch or two.

I have been in touch with Senior Councillors at Hampshire County Council, as well as the Director for Health and Adult Services.

They all seem to agree that the planned closures would be a mistake.

Most encouragingly, my concerns are now being addressed with talks happening involving The Red Cross, Hampshire County Council, NHS Property Services and Clinical Commissioners.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that a deal will be agreed to stop some or all of the closures.

Thank you to Alec Nayler, a local Nurse who set up the petition and alerted me to the issue.

Thanks also to everyone who took the trouble to sign.

We are up to 347 people who have signed.

Believe me, this is a service that you only really appreciate the value of when the occasion arises when you need loan of equipment for yourself or a relative.



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