Hobson's Choice...
Hobson's Choice...


Hobson's choice is a phrase used to describe the situation when you appear to be given a choice, but in reality, it is no choice at all.

It is generally attributed to a chap called Thomas Hobson who ran a livery business. He told a customer that he can have the horse at the end of the stable yard (or no horse at all).

However, I have seen an academics' blog which casts doubts on the origins, suggesting that it the concept pre-dates Thomas Hobson. I have no doubt it does. Making others think they have a choice when they don't must be a very, very, old human trait.

The more the new Labour Leader moves his party towards the centre ground, the more voting for one of the two big parties becomes Hobson's Choice.

In the proposed shake up of local government, it appears that we are going to lose New Forest District Council. It will either be because of the creation of a new greater "Southampton Unitary Authority" that incorporates the New Forest area, or a Hampshire County wide Authority, where there is no longer a place for District or Borough Councils.

Now you might be saying…. "I don't like the idea, I don't support it"….. if the Conservatives stay in power, it will be Hobson's Choice.


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