Hindsight & Infection Spread...
Hindsight & Infection Spread...


I asked a question this week of the Director of Health & Adult Social Care at Hampshire County Council about when we will see a National Enquiry into the pandemic. I was told that there is no date yet fixed but it will certainly happen and he will be invited to take part.

I think the answer is a fair one. I cannot expect health bosses to be reflecting back whilst we are still in an absolute crisis, but I also think that we have to learn lessons as we go and apply best practice in the light of experience.

I have no doubt at at all that severe criticism will be made of government that they were so ill prepared for a pandemic. We were also too slow when it came to allowing people into the country with all our free flowing ports and airports. Arrangements for securing Personal Protective Equipment and clearing out hospital beds of patients and seeding the virus into Care Homes will also be areas where we performed very badly.

The one bright, shining star is likely to be the speed in which vaccines were developed. However, mixed messaging, bad examples of government officials and other high profile people not following advice and confusion over face masks will all likely be seen as failures.

One thing that may not have been so easy to anticipate was the way the virus so quickly changed, evolving into something much more infectious.

I think we have generally reacted to almost everything too late, as an example I know of two people who have caught Covid, having only ever gone out to shop in a local supermarket the once.

Another very sinister feature is that there is definitely an underground misinformation campaign going on, mostly involving social media. An increasing number of people are watching You Tube videos which purport to expose the government and the NHS and even main stream media as all involved in a conspiracy, whether it be about the safety of vaccines or the seriousness of the disease. I suspect foreign interference, stirring up and manipulating people in the same way as is clearly happening in the USA.


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