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Councillor Davod Harrison

He Was Black

1st british man was black

Is anyone really surprised that the first Britain had dark coloured skin? Surely, racism is a modern invention.

I had somebody on the phone to me today for the best part of 30 minutes complaining about how she and her family were threatened by the mere presence of immigrants and that she was “true British” and didn’t like the others who clearly weren’t.

I listened respectfully as she claimed that she wasn’t allowed to wish anyone “Happy Christmas” anymore, how she was being forced to eat Halal meat against her wishes, how immigrants were taking away all the council housing.

I asked where she got her information from.

She told me she watched YouTube videos.

I suppose if you really think that watching YouTube videos is going to give you a healthy and balanced perspective and you rely on them for knowledge, it’s probably a self-fulfilling prophecy that any small prejudices you may have are going to be inflated.

I managed to maintain a civil and respectful tone whilst disagreeing with every point she made.

At least she did think it worthwhile calling me to test out her opinions.

Remarkable really, that I finished the call with both of us wishing each other all the best.



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