Ground nesting birds – New Forest National Park Authority

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Every year presents a new challenge for ground nesting birds in the New Forest.

There is a real danger that we will lose many species, including lapwings and curlews.

The start

of March will see protections in place to try and minimise disturbance during the critical breeding months that follow. It’s generally the case that ground nesting birds aren’t able to breed successfully when people get near, whether walking running or cycling and dogs off the lead are a major problem too.

• Between 1 March and 31 July, keep yourself (and your dog) to main tracks and keep dogs under close control, or where necessary on a lead.
• Avoid areas where there are red ground nesting bird signs
• Share this information and encourage others to keep to the tracks too.

Councillor David Harrison, profile picture

Ground nesting birds – New Forest National Park Authority


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