Future Of The Marchwood Household Waste Recycling Facil;ity

David handing in a petition to Hampshire County Council
David handing in a petition to Hampshire County Council

I attended a meeting of Marchwood Parish Council this evening, providing them with my report as the local Hampshire County Councillor.

I referred to the £80 million savings that HCC are looking to achieve over the next two years (on top of the £940 million savings that have been made in the last 10 years).

The major worry of the Parish Councillors is that the local Household Waste Facility might be closed.

I reminded them of the campaign to keep it open I ran a few years ago, with the petition signed by a couple of thousand people.

I have no doubt at all about the popularity of the facility.

It is extremely well used.

I agree that it should remain open at all costs.

I made the point that we need to be encouraging recycling, not making it even more difficult or impossible.

The New Forest has a poor enough recycling record already.

At this stage, nobody knows where the axe will fall.

It’s obvious that some services are going to be cut.

The County Council has already signalled that it is going to try and protect Education and Adult Social services as a priority.

They seemed to agree with me when I said that it would be wrong for the County Council to attempt to make savings that only increase costs elsewhere.

We know that fly tipping is something that increases when recycling centres hike up charges or limit hours of operation.


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