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Councillor Davod Harrison

From Twitter to the Full Monty

Robin Red Breast
Robin Red Breast

I am sure I am not alone in occasionally breaking into a song when pottering about the Mansion House or having a shower. Those of us who sing Matt Munro numbers are dying out, (which is probably a good thing).

My favourite bird to be found in the garden at Royal Rushington Manor is the beautiful Robin, (pictured above).

He normally offers just a little tweet or ticking noise, just to let you know he’s around. However, today, as I was tucking into my lunchtime pastry, for some reason he launched into this marvellous serenade which so captivated my attention that I began to speculate whether it was a nightingale.

Even Jeeves raised an eyebrow.

Birds add so much to our lives. Let’s appreciate them and look after them.

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