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Councillor Davod Harrison

From Russia With Menace

russia - dealing with hazardous materials
dealing with hazardous materials

Salisbury is the sort of place I like to visit, stroll around, do a bit of shopping. It seems a million miles away from conflict and threat to human life.

How shocking then, to hear about a former Russian spy and his daughter, discovered on a Wiltshire bench, apparently the victims of an attack using some sort of nerve agent.

It’s not at all surprising that fingers are pointing towards the Russian government.

Whilst we cannot be 100% sure at this stage, it is a most sinister turn of events, suggesting that we are perhaps entering into a new era of state-sponsored terrorism where individuals are going to be targeted wherever they may be.

I genuinely wanted to believe that Russia was a country that wanted to be respected and welcomed as part of the civilised global community.

I fear that those in charge are acting more like a mafia mob than a responsible government.


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