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Councillor Davod Harrison

Fresh Idea for Traffic Dominated High Street

David Harrison And Hilary Brand Outside The Lyndhurst Tea Shop
David Harrison And Hilary Brand Outside The Lyndhurst Tea Shop

I like people with fresh ideas with a willingness to try different things.

I reckon I would happily visit Lyndhurst if a section of the High Street was shut off for a few hours…..


Lyndhurst, the Ancient “Capital” of the New Forest is a very popular tourist destination, but has long suffered from traffic issues, including a very serious air pollution problem.

Many car drivers will have experienced long queues of traffic on approached to Lyndhurst, especially in the summer months.

Lyndhurst High Street itself often seems dominated by vehicles, having a very negative impact on the experience of pedestrians visiting businesses up and down the High Street.

Now, one of the candidates standing for election on May 2nd to represent Lyndhurst at New Forest District Council, Liberal Democrat, Hilary Brand, is suggesting a radical new suggestion for addressing the problem.

Former Chair of the local Chamber of Commerce, Hilary Brand, who runs the Lyndhurst Tea House, is suggesting an experiment so that pedestrians can re-claim the High Street for a few hours each Sunday.

She is proposing a road closure along a section of the High Street so that any traffic travelling into the village from the Brockenhurst or Christchurch direction (A35) would be diverted away from the High Street.

Hilary says “I would like to lobby Hampshire County Council, the highways authority, to agree temporary road closures to facilitate a much better environment for people to enjoy the centre of Lyndhurst on a Sunday without having to worry about traffic movement or exhaust fumes.

Perhaps we could even have a few tables and chairs, stalls and maybe some musical entertainment?

I would love to hear people’s views and ideas”.


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