Fair Election ?


You might think, as I do, that the voting system we have for General Elections is anything but fair.

It simply delivers a Conservative MP or Labour MP in about 600 of the 650 constituencies, with only real battles in about 50 marginal seats.

In the New Forest, we have had nothing but Conservative MP’s for over a hundred years.

What then is the point of voting?

On top of that, we have the media, which again supports this unfairness.

I knew, even before I looked at the front page of the Sunday Times today that the multi billionaire, Rupert Murdoch, (who doesn’t even live in this country) would be insisting upon a Conservative friendly front page.

Here it is!

So… the rich and the powerful… exercise their usual control by means of the levers they have.

There will be those that say “I don’t follow what the papers say, I make my own mind up”…. Of course you do.

Why then are the newspaper barons spending their time, drip feeding negative stories about political parties that don’t suit them and supporting the Conservatives who look after the interests of the wealthy?


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