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Councillor Davod Harrison

Explosive End

Proposed demolition of Fawley Power Station
Proposed demolition of Fawley Power Station

It’s interesting to read details of the proposed demolition of the former oil fired power station at Fawley which closed in 2013.

Originally, the site owners had talked about retaining the big chimney, with an open, glass sided restaurant on the top.

It would certainly have had the “WOW” factor.

Over the years, the chimney had become something of a landmark.

I have to say, the majority of people I have spoken to favoured retaining it.

However, it seems that it no longer features in the redevelopment plans.

In plans that will no doubt stimulate a lot on interest in watching and recording what happens, it is now being proposed that the chimney and other building be demolished in a series of controlled explosions.

The development plans have not yet been considered for planning permission, but it seems demolition may begin as early as May, with the first explosion in August.


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