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Councillor Davod Harrison

Eling Hill Cycling Hazards


In response to a complaint from a cyclist, I have asked Hampshire County Council to look at infilling some of the depth between the traffic calming cobble stones on the approach to the toll bridge at Eling.

At the moment it does look as though the wheel of a bicycle could get stuck between cobbles and cause a problem, potentially unseating a rider.

It was interesting, spending a little time observing cyclists riding down the hill.

Many of them avoided riding over the cobbles by swerving into the pedestrian area (to the right).

I spoke to the Toll Keeper on duty nearby.

She wasn’t aware of any accidents so far but offered the view that a bigger danger was cyclists travelling too fast down the hill with the risk of hitting oncoming traffic.

She had apparently seen a few near misses, particularly with cyclists “cutting the corner” at the bend near the tide mill entrance.

As ever, there is only so much the Council can do to improve road safety.

The traffic calming is there for a good reason but it still requires all road users to exercise proper caution and common sense.


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  1. Chris Kidd on Friday, May 31, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks David, as someone who cycles over the cobbles regularly it does feel a little scary. I’m glad the whole junction itself is being highlighted – I too have seen cyclists and cars whizz down the hill and not look like they would be able to stop if a vehicle was coming across the junction.

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