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Councillor Davod Harrison

Does Tory claims stand up?

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats

It’s often said that a lie often repeated becomes accepted truth.

I don’t generally bother watching party political broadcasts, but I have nevertheless caught Mrs May claim that Conservative Councils cost taxpayers £100 less (on average) than authorities run by other political parties.

I decided to try and fact check this, because I know most people won’t bother.

It turns out that it is a claim with no substance at all behind it.

Different authorities are different sizes, operating in different circumstances with differing duties and are even funded differently, depending on complicated government formulae, such as how deprived the area is.

As to just one example of how shallow this claim is… trying to compare Conservative run Councils with Liberal Democrat ones.

There are, in fact, only two authorities in the country controlled by the Lib Dems, one of which is nearby Eastleigh.

Eastleigh hasn’t raised council tax for over a decade and is widely acknowledged as a top performer on a range of measures, including recycling.

The Tories are telling pork pies when claiming that all the Councils they run are doing the same at £100 less cost. There isn’t a single one that has managed to hold council tax for so long.

The following website gives a lot of information about different local authorities: link


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