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Councillor Davod Harrison

Does It Matter Who Our Customers Are?

customers - container ship

An issue I haven’t seen raised in all this talk about leaving the EU and the Customs Union is whether it matters who we trade with?

I have to say, that I would rather stick with the EU on the basis that we have long established, tariff-free, trading arrangements with European countries who are pretty much in tune with us in terms of caring for the environment, respecting human rights, having democratic systems in place.

When the Tory government announces that it considers leaving the EU, also means leaving the Customs Union and Single market, that’s because of the influence of the “hard Brexiteers” who genuinely believe that it will be better if we can ditch the certainty of EU trade with the uncertainty of closing new deals with the likes of China, USA, India etc.

There are two possibilities… either they are right, or wrong.

The government’s own civil service has done a lot of detailed research suggesting that our economy will be worse off under all scenario’s.

Predictably, the Jacob Rees-Mogg response is to then accuse the civil servants of bias.

However, do we… Great Britain…. consider that it doesn’t matter who we trade with?

Are we only concerned with “the deal”?

China might well be an economic powerhouse, but they still imprison people for the political views and they don’t have democratic elections.

Is it really right that we turn our backs on our close neighbours, in favour of the dodgy governments on the other side of the globe?

Is this what “leavers” voted for?

I simply think we are better off staying in the EU, enjoying the benefits we receive, even if there are some costs.

It’s not always about balance sheets.

The National interest is also about the part we play, with other countries, to improve the world.

We will be somewhat diminished outside the EU.


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