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Echo In My View
Echo In My View
Echo In My View

Echo In My View

I was quite pleased to see the Daily Echo publish another article from me today, under the “In My View” Section.

This year I have had articles published on the following topics :

  • Don’t commercialise our Fire Service
  • Put patients and carers before costs (NHS)
  • Police Commissioner faces a big task
  • Councils must become more public – friendly
  • A successful Council’s role is unnoticed
  • View of night sky should be protected
  • Local decision making
  • Rising concern over flood risk insurance

That’s eight topics covered. I enjoy political debate and influencing public opinion.

I don’t claim to be an expert on everything but think that there is an important role for politicians in not just following public opinion, but stating what you think and inviting others to challenge it.

A Happy New Year to all my friends.

May we have some interesting debates in 2013.


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