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Councillor Davod Harrison

Cutting Comments

Stirling Close
Stirling Close

Having done the job of a local Councillor for over a quarter of a century, I have got to know that at certain times of the year, the same old complaints will be made.

I don’t need to check my diary or case work file to know that residents will be complaining about the grass not being cut as soon as May comes around.

It happens every year at about this time.

A few thoughts… “Yes, I know you pay your council tax and expect a certain standard of service”… we all do.

The fact is that there are vast areas of land that need to be cut and when the grass starts growing rapidly (as the weather warms up), there simply aren’t the resources and time available in which to maintain all areas to the same standard.

Yes, it is possible for the council to increase the resources, such as allocating more employees to grass cutting duties and asking them to work longer hours… but even this isn’t enough to cope.

Yes, the Council could employ enough machines and have even more staff on stand by, but there is always a cost involved in “over-supplying” and this would have to be picked up by the taxpayer.

On top of the difficulties involved in anticipating demand for grass cutting, prolonged spells of wet weather can seriously interfere with grass cutting programmes.

Not everyone is particularly bothered about having neatly cut roadside verges. Opinions differ. Some people like to see the wildflowers being given a chance to take over for a while.

That said, it does become a potentially serious issue when it interferes with drivers visibility at road junctions.

When June arrives the number of complaints about overgrown vegetation, blocking pavements and footpaths, increases…. always something to worry about!


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