Collective Term For Jetting Lorries ?...
Collective Term For Jetting Lorries ?...


I was very surprised to find around twenty to thirty jetting lorries, all with drivers, parked and queued up at Ashurst Bridge yesterday.

I spoke to one or two drivers. They come from as far afield as London, Andover and even Kent. It seems that a main sewerage pipe that runs underneath a house had cracked and so many lorries were needed in order to suck up and take away the smelly waste liquid in order that the levels would drop and repairs carried out.

This operation must cost an absolute fortune. A driver told me that he was paid by the hour and had no idea how long he was going to be there.

The irony is that I have been trying to get just one jetting lorry to sort out the drains in Bartram road. I am told this will be shortly attended to.

I don't know what the collective name for such a gathering of such vehicles might be. Suggestions welcome. My offering is "The Jet Set"…..


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  1. david Wallis on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    I noticed a similar collection of lorries at this point just before Christmas. It seems that the problem wasn’t sorted out then – ergo double the cost!!

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