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Councillor Davod Harrison

Climate Change Emergency

Climate Emergency
Climate Emergency

Last month the UK Parliament declared a climate change emergency.

Thus far, 65 councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency.

I am proud of the fact that, under my Leadership, the first act of the new larger Liberal Democrat group was to take a climate change emergency motion to the first meeting of New Forest District Council.

The Conservatives declined to debate it, or pass the motion.

Instead, they are content to be one of the slowest ships on the convoy by referring it back to a panel for discussions, even before they accept that urgent action is required.

The Tories really do need a rocket up them.

Next week, they have a Cabinet meeting where the only two items on the agenda is consideration of a Tory led Peer review which they used to promote themselves during the elections (a bit like having a Tory Councillor mark the homework of a Tory MP) and of course, they are still faffing around with the idea I put forward eight years ago that the Council could get by with rather less than the 60 Councillors.


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