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Councillor Davod Harrison

Clean Up Still Required

clean up still required at Eling Quay
This is a picture of the slipway at Eling Quay.
This was the site of some serious chemical contamination a few years ago.
It was closed off from the public for a couple of years, whilst the area was cleaned up. Monitoring still continues.

I had hoped that the previous owners, Burt Bolton Holdings, would address the larger areas of contamination in and around the wharf site, but they have rather washed their hands of it, sold up and disappeared.

Now Associated British Ports have purchased the site it seems a bit like we are back to square one.

However, I have already been pressing the New Forest District Council to clarify the situation as they see it and have received the following answers today :

“In 2010 a remediation strategy was issued to address the requirements of Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (i.e. determination of the site as ‘contaminated land’) and in July 2010 the foreshore contamination was remediated and redevelopment proposals for the site as a whole were instigated.

All parties involved agreed that redevelopment of the site would be the best way forward to secure site-wide remediation and discussions have taken place with the planning service on potential proposals over recent years.

· Since remediating the foreshore, annual monitoring of the groundwater contamination has continued following various voluntary site investigations and remediation.

This has all been agreed, reviewed and commented on by the Environment Agency who is the regulator for controlled waters.
The objective of the monitoring is to act as an early warning system to indicate if contaminant distribution and migration pathways change from the current conceptual understanding and up until this date there has been no reported change in the monitoring results.

· The current use of the site is not considered sensitive and therefore the accepted levels of contaminants are not as stringent as a more sensitive use such as residential.

· A localised pocket of contamination was found in 2016 during local roadworks and was dealt with appropriately.

The information on file confirms that the Department found no evidence linking the material to Eling Wharf

· The Environmental and Regulation Service only became aware that the site had been sold at the end of January 2018

· The Contaminated Land Statutory Guidance was updated in 2012 and states that determining a site as ‘contaminated land’ using Part IIA of the EPA 1990 should only to be used where no appropriate alternative solution exists, for example, redevelopment or voluntary action by landowners.

· The new owners have been contacted and we are awaiting a meeting date to discuss their future short term and longer term plans for the site.

Any discussions will include how future proposals may impact on noise, air quality, contaminated land and planning.
In particular, any increases in localised HGV movements may increase pollutant concentrations depending on the numbers of HGV’s and the Euro class of the vehicles, and these would be assessed against the air quality objectives at relevant locations.”


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