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Councillor Davod Harrison

Car Parking machine charges

Car Park machines
Car Park machines

I really don’t like car parking machines that don’t give change.

It seems to me that if any car park operator is going to use machines to collect a car parking charge, it’s a bit of a cheat, if there is no provision for giving change to the customer.

Another growing trend I don’t much like is the growing practice of requiring drivers to punch in your registration number when paying for car parking.

This is done in order to stop a car driver from giving a ticket to somebody else if it still has a bit of “paid for” time on it.

Again, I think it’s just plain greedy on the part of the operator.

They have already collected a fee for that parking space, why is it acceptable to double charge simply because a different car occupies it for some of the time?

I am sure we have all been impressed by the kindness of strangers, offering a ticket with some time on it.

It is one of those things, a social interaction, that makes you feel more kindly disposed towards others.

I very much suspect that new machines that stop this practice will soon be installed in car parks such as the one at Lepe.

Chip, chipping, away at the small kindnesses with greedy intent.


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