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T: 023 8086 4500
M: 075 4532 5209
E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Calls That Make You Think

Worker In Wheelchair
Worker In Wheelchair

I get regular calls from people who are in some sort of housing crisis, but not so many about employment issues.

A young lady called me today, explaining that her life has been turned upside down, having suffered a stroke and now can only get about by using a wheelchair.

She used to drive a car and was in full time employment.

However, her licence was taken away and so was her job.

That’s a pretty harsh blow when you are just 21 years old.

She lives in Totton and is looking desperately for a job. She recounts that a number of local companies have expressed an interest in taking her on in an administrative role, until they find out about her disability and then lose interest.

One company even offered a job but then completely blocked her from even calling when they found out they would have to accommodate wheelchair access.

I have offered to help this lady by researching what help might be available, but are there any employers out there who would be keen to take on somebody who is very keen to work in Totton, who could make adjustments, (if needed) to enable her to do a great job for you?

Please email me, if so.


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