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Councillor Davod Harrison

Burger King in Totton? Vote Now….


A planning application has been lodged with the idea of having a drive-through fast food facility, for Burger King, located at the ESSO Service Station, next to Asda, Ringwood road, Totton.

Now, I will be completely honest… I love the occasional “Whopper” and would almost certainly use it if the application was approved.

However, that is a very personal and selfish standpoint.

My Councillor role involves me in divorcing my own personal preferences and thinking about the interests of the wider community I represent.

In this respect, the application concerns me.

The proposal would very likely add to even more traffic fumes polluting the air in a part of Totton that already suffers some of the most serious air quality issues in the country.

It will also some some additional negative impact on traffic congestion in Totton town centre.

Furthermore, there is also the public health aspect (do we really need yet more fast food outlets contributing to the obesity crisis).

My guess is that most people would, despite my objections, say “yes” to a Burger King drive through. What do my website followers think, please?


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Burger King in Totton? Vote Now….

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