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Councillor Davod Harrison

Brexit Made Simple

Brexit - David Talking On The Bbc Sunday Politics Show
David Talking On The BBC Sunday Politics Show

Very few people have got the time or inclination to follow the various twists and turns that occur on a daily basis as the government attempts to implement Brexit.

If anybody asks me to summarise the situation it would be as follows :

The country narrowly voted to Leave the EU in 2016.

It was controversial because of some electoral fraud and false promises on both sides.

It has caused great division, both within England and in our relationship with the Welsh, Scots and Irish.

The greatest defect with the referendum was that it only ever determined that we should leave but not “how” we should leave.

This makes the biggest difference of all.

Parliament and most political parties are split on the issue of how we should leave, causing massive turmoil, resignations and confusion.

Mrs May has negotiated a bad leaving deal which is only a little better than leaving with no deal.

Parliament has voted to reject her deal (twice) by thumping majorities and the Speaker has ruled that they cannot simply keep putting the deal to Parliament in the hope that enough politicians will switch (either because they have been bribed or fear a no deal).

Parliament has also voted against a no deal Brexit, but it is a bit of stalemate with only days to go before we leave and the default is that we leave without any deal.

It looks like the only way we can go forward without crashing out is to extend the deadline for leaving, but the EU will have to agree this and will want a clear reason for doing so.

As I said to one of my neighbours this week, perhaps it is just as well I wasn’t elected as the local MP.

I am not sure how I could have coped with this total shambles.


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