Boost For Cycling & Walking?

Boost For Cycling Walking
Boost For Cycling Walking

Well…. I really hope so! This afternoon, I attended a meeting of local Councillors and Officers from Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council and representatives from the cycling charity, Sustrans.

You might think this odd but in nearly 30 years of being a Councillor, this was the first time I had ever been invited to a meeting specifically to consider the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.

It was called at very short notice and concentrated entirely on what could be done in Totton & the Waterside.

The reason for this is that local authorities are putting in a joint bid for government cash that’s available for improving walking and cycle links.

The bid has to go in by November.

We looked carefully at things like barriers to cycling and walking, ranging from the terrible lay out of Totton town centre, to the unsatisfactory nature of our old footbridges and the disjointed nature of existing cycle routes – some of which aren’t cycle routes at all (just painted lines on main roads).

Officers could see from maps and google images the sort of things that likely put people off from walking and cycling.

One commented that it is often a mistake to implement schemes that can be constructed easily, whilst ignoring the difficult areas that would actually make the most difference.

We local Councillors were able to add our local knowledge about how the existing infrastructure is used (or not used) and why.

There was a lot of ink marking on maps to illustrate issues we raised.

I made a strong point that it would be better to spend money on improving links from Marchwood into Totton and Hounsdown (building on the success of the Marchwood to Eling link, than it would to spend it down in the Fawley area.

The closer the cycle routes are to Southampton, the more they will get used for commuting.

I hope to be able to share details of the projects that are bid for.

I certainly hope that this includes Rushington roundabout and improvements to crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists in Totton & Marchwood.


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  1. David Wallis on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    Good news if this is pursued. I think that the priority for Totton is to build a cycleway along Commercial Road to link the with the existing one from Southampton and eventually continue it along Ringwood Road to join the recently opened routes out to Goodies roundabout.The authorities will of course have to deal with the dangerous (for pedestrians) entrance to Lidl etc. and Maynard Road where a controlled pedestrian crossing is urgently needed. A safe crossing is also required over A326 which effectively cuts off Totton from the Forest. Don’t let this one die, David, as so many projects beneficial to Totton do.

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