Best Way Of Tackling Local Outbreaks?...
Best Way Of Tackling Local Outbreaks?...


Today, we see the first example of different rules being applied by government in England to one particular area, in response to the threat of Corona virus.

Interestingly, government have chosen to a adopt a central command and control method, imposing it upon the people who live in Leicester and nearby areas, rather than allowing the local government to handle it.

This has echo's of the government's failed approach to "Track and Trace", when they assured us all we would have a world beating app that would enable us to identify who was carrying the virus and who they had been in contact with, so that we get them to isolate.

Local authorities, with their public health responsibilities and experience, in tracking and tracing things like food poisoning outbreaks were forgotten about and not used. Other countries used a much more localised model and were much more successful at dealing with the outbreak.

I am only guessing, but I suspect that the elected representatives for Leicester and the public health officials working in that area, probably understand what's going on better than Number 10 Downing Street or Whitehall.

Personally, I think it's going to be a lot harder clamping down on restrictions a second time, or a third time. This especially so, when government officials have been seen to be flouting the rules themselves.

Hampshire County Council have just formed a cross party sub committee (joined by the Liberal Democrat opposition), which will take responsibility for any localised lock downs deemed necessary here.

I think that a willingness to work together locally is always going to be better than being told what to do by a government that has lost a lot of credibility and tries to defend the worst mortality record in the whole of Europe.


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