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Councillor Davod Harrison

Ashurst Bridge Flooding

Unusable playground due to flooding
Unusable playground due to flooding

This must be one of the longest running issues in my case-work tray.

Every time it rains heavily, an area of the Green Route and the Play Park, just off Roseleigh Drive, Totton is flooded.

It took these photographs today, before talking to some local residents.

Usually, flooding issues are dealt with by Hampshire County Council as a “highway” matter.

However, after many months of investigating matters, it seems that responsibility for sorting out this issue rests with Network Rail!

I have asked the flood management team at HCC to take ownership of the problem and to badger Network rail to commit to getting this matter sorted.

The problem here is more than just a play area that cannot be used for significant periods of time.

This pathway is part of a school route for children.

The standing water isn’t clean.

I have raised the issue of the threat to public health.

There are a few properties nearby.

It must make the homeowners very anxious when they see the water rising almost up to their doorsteps.


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