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Councillor Davod Harrison

Air Quality and the New Forest

Winter in the New Forest
Winter in the New Forest

I attended an excellent meeting of the New Forest Friends of the Earth today, at Lymington.

Gill Hickman and “Alex”, a pupil from Hounsdown school gave an excellent presentation on the subject of air quality in the New Forest.

As you might expect, much of the New Forest has good air quality, but this is not true of all areas of the National Park and District.

Friends of the Earth have been independently monitoring sites around the New Forest and have compiled data that shows areas where there are dangerous level of polluted air.

It’s especially concerning that the area around the Hounsdown bypass / Rushington roundabout has levels of nitron dioxide (N02) which are twice as high as EU regulations permit.

The same is true of Lyndhurst High Street.

They have even monitored outside schools where levels of pollution from traffic are unacceptably high.

It seems Totton suffers from a combination of factors, including close proximity to Southampton docks where it is said that one cruise liner, in port, emits about the same as 600 HGV’s running.

The audience heard that there are no plug in power facilities at Southampton.

It seems that the port authority has obtained quotes for enough equipment to service the needs of just one cruise liner, but it will apparently depend on the cruise ship owners to fund the cost.

I have agreed to work with FOTE.

This is a serious public health issue.

We really need to get action taken to address these problems.

The news that ABP are expanding operations all the more this side of the water will only worsen the situation.


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  1. Andrew Hardwick on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Pretty sure I have subscribed previously but receive no updates ? Yes I check spam etc
    But- All the best,
    Thanks so much for Eling- Marchwood Cycle path,
    Air Quality locally is a scandal- contribution from ships in dock is underrated- they should start on shore power without delay

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