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Councillor Davod Harrison

Advance Notice Of Roadworks

asphalt concrete

It is expected that the following roads in the division of Totton South & Marchwood will be subject to one-day road closures next month (March), whilst they benefit from Micro Asphalt treatments.

The main reason for this treatment is to seal the road structure from water ingress.

This arrests potholes.

It has a limited capacity to resolve defects.

The schedule is subject to change because it is weather dependent but this is the proposed order of works :

Bishops Close / Water Lane
Northlands Close / Northlands Road
Hammonds Close / Hammonds Way

I am told that residents will receive a letter confirming this.

There will be advance notice roadworks signage and that a final letter will be issued to residents just before the work takes place.

A lot of Totton and Marchwood residents will say that this looks quite a modest scheme and there are a lot of other roads that badly need treatment.

I agree.

However, there is only a very limited amount of funding available for improving the 5000 miles of road that the County Council look after.

These roads have been assessed by officers as the most in need locally and therefore get the priority.

Looking after all roads to the necessary standard is going to require more resources than is currently being allocated.


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