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Councillor Davod Harrison

Acceptable Standard?

Patching Up The Road
Patching Up The Road

I have a major problem when it comes to doing my job as your County Councillor, part of which involves trying to make sure our local roads are safe to use.

Government are very good at making big announcements about proposed major investments in things like the Police, NHS and Housing.

They are rather less willing to tell you about the 60% cut in support for Council’s who are expected to run all services with far less resources.

Understandably, authorities like Hampshire County Council are going to try and protect things like Adult and Children’s Services and this leaves even less money to spend on road maintenance and even fixing things like pot holes.

Here is an example.

I was told about this pot hole from a worried resident at the end of August.

Its at the junction of Hammonds Green and Brackley Way, Totton.

I went out and had a look and reported it almost straight away using the Hantsweb system.

A week or so later, an officer inspected it and agreed it needed fixing and put it on the contractors list.

From this date, the standard is “repair within two months”.

I am sorry, but this really isn’t good enough.

It is quite possible a cyclist will fall victim to a pot hole like this, (especially when it is dark and not so easy to see).

I reckon the standard needs to be two weeks, not two months.

I want to avoid a situation where Hampshire County Council can be sued by people who fall victim to defects like this.

Let’s avoid the misery of people getting injured and the public cost of paying out compensation, as well as the costs to the NHS.


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Patching Up The Road

Acceptable Standard?

I have a major problem when it comes to doing my job as your County Councillor,


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