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Councillor Davod Harrison

A Good Week For The Tories To Hide Bad News

Charging The Car
Charging The Car

They do say that the art of politics in government is to allocate all your public relations resources to advertising good news stories about achievements whilst quietly burying this stuff you would sooner not want people to know about.

Similarly, it is the job of opposition politicians to try and spot the stuff that is being buried and make people aware of it.

This week, the media are concentrating on the continuing Brexit drama.

Additionally, there is also the growing scandal of Universal Credit, with even some Tory MP’s complaining about it being underfunded to the extent that the poorest people, (often already relying on food banks) are going to receive a lot less support.

So, with those two things taking up all the headlines, what a good time for the serial failure of Department of Transport boss, Chris Grayling pushing out, as quietly as a Toyota Prius waiting at a traffic light, that from next month it will scrap grants for new plug-in hybrids and slash discounts on others.

It takes a particular genius to unite environmental groups and car manufacturers, the RAC and AA on any issue.

But all of them have attacked the ‘astounding’ decision by Chris Grayling’s department.

Government talks the talk about cutting carbon emissions and powering a new generation of electric vehicles to boost green jobs.

When it comes to delivery, it is a different story.


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