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Councillor Davod Harrison

A Delayed, Softer, Brexit

David Harrison By Southampton Water
David Harrison By Southampton Water

The latest turn of events, with Mrs May, asking arch rival Jeremy Corbyn to help her get through any form of Brexit, is absolutely guaranteed to upset at least half the Tory party.

To be fair to Mrs May, she tried bribery ( using taxpayer’s money to pacify a small Northern Ireland party) and strong arm tactics with her own MP’s.

She also refused to talk and engage with other opposition parties for two and a half years. Probably not surprising that her bad deal failed to get through Parliament three times!

Almost everyone agrees that a “No Deal” Brexit should be avoided. Despite what some claim, if this had been spelled out at the referendum time, the country would not have voted for it.

I do hope that the EU will forgive our political logjams and agree an extension so that we can sort ourselves out without further embarrassment.

I would prefer us to remain a member but recognise that if we do leave, we need to do so with the least damage to our interests.

As to the conservatives, the public hate divided political parties and I suspect that there will be little enthusiasm for voting for them at the forthcoming elections.


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