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Councillor Davod Harrison

Will Echo Herald Isolation?


I attended a briefing on the future of Adult Social Care at Winchester today.

I listened to an officer extolling the virtues of technology as a means of allowing older people to live independently for longer, in their own homes.

One such development is supplying a bespoke version of the Amazon Echo, which can be used to remind people to take their medicine, drink enough water and suggest good diets, as well as allowing family members to monitor them.

The problem with this is not that the technology will enhance people’s lives, but it may replace the support that they get from home visits.

There can surely be no better service than carers or family regularly visiting, giving the isolated and vulnerable person some human contact, can there?

In the drive to save money, I fear that we may be cutting people off from society, actually contributing to them having a lonely lifestyle.

Not much point living a long time if the quality of life is really poor.

Is this the future we all face?


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