wheelie bins

wheelie bins

It’s a question I often get asked, especially be people who move to Totton or Marchwood from other areas of the country where they are “the norm”.

In fact, last time I checked, more than 80% of the country operates a wheelie in system.

The short answer to the question is that New Forest District Council chooses to stay with the plastic bag collection system.

This is an interesting one because surveys carried out a few years ago suggest strong support for keeping the plastic bag system. The Lib Dems carried out a survey in “Focus” and most people replying voted in favour of bags over wheelie bins.

That aside, it begs the question as to whether the council should be doing the “popular” thing, or whether it should be doing the right thing.

There is a very good reason why most of the country has opted for wheelie bins. It’s a more efficient method of collecting waste, better for the environment and because recycling rates always dramatically improve when wheelie bins are employed, it is less costly to the taxpayer.

At present, the conservative run council chooses to stick with the most popular method of waste collection. It is fair to say that there are a lot of people who strongly object to what they see as “large ugly plastic bins” in the street scene.

On the other hand, nobody much likes the regular site of plastic bags having been ripped open by cats, foxes and even horses, with rubbish strewn all over the road.

A few years ago the Liberal Democrats organised a public meeting in Totton to hear the case from experts both “For” and “Against” Wheelie bins. We invited other political parties to participate.

It was a great shame that Tory election leaflets then portrayed this as “Liberal Democrats support wheelie bins”. This bit of dishonesty seemed to work for them because they hold nearly all council seats in the area.

I’m still open minded on the issue and interested in what people think. However, I suspect it will be a long time before the Lib Dems organise a similar event to see whether things have changed.


  1. C W Marshall

    Please dont ever think of wheelie bins,they are an eyesore.If you drive around some areas of Southampton where there is a lot of terrace housing it looks like an absolute tip.I would much sooner see bags out once a week and not lines of ugly bins left out all week!

  2. Nicki

    My family and I have just moved in to this beautiful area and are thoroughly enjoying the outdoor scenery, although that said after bin collection day we were quite shocked at the litter left on the footpaths and grassed areas, particularly the used sanitary towel in the middle of the footpath – lovely !!!

    Having moved from an area that successfully used the wheelie bin system it was quite a shock to discover that such a beautiful area used a system that leaves the area open to such unsightly mess. Whilst I understand residents opinions that the sight of wheelie bins lined up is an “eyesore”, I do not understand why they are happy to walk past ripped rubbish bags with unsightly waste hanging out of them and then left with the aftermath of rubbish left on the streets. Surely this is not only unsightly but a potential health and safety issue for all.

    In our previous area the wheelie bins were left on the roadside at night, emptied by the refuse company and then, in the majority of cases, the bins were reclaimed by the residents and removed from the street with neighbours helping one another and reclaiming not only their own bin but others too (admittedly not immediately following the collection but certainly by the end of the day) and you were left with a tidy, safe environment. Sadly it appears that with the use of the rubbish sacks people are not so willingly to tidy up the remaining rubbish, be it theirs or others.

    Isn’t reclaiming a council supplied bin, of course this does not necessarily have to be a wheelie bin, so much easier, cleaner, and safer for all ?

    • Dave

      We TOTALLY need wheelie bins in Rushington!

      I leave at about 5.30 am every Thursday morning and almost without fail there are torn and littered bags somewhere in the road. Birds and/or rodents tear them apart and rubbish and rotting food is spread across the road and pavements.

      It’s not only an unpleasant and time consuming job for the collectors to tidy this up but it’s also a health and safety hazard.

      Some unpicked rubbish has remained strewn about the grass verge and road for days, making the area look very untidy and dirty.

      Wheelie bins are the obvious, practical and cheaper solution in the long run.

      The vast majority of houses in this area have drives and gates, behind which the bins can be placed in the week, apart from the one morning they are emptied.

      I am simply amazed by people who say they have no place to put them or that they are “ugly”.

      Where, for example, do they put their black bags or dustbins they put them in during the week now? Wheelie bins are an acceptable and necessary part of modern life, just like electricity pylons.

      They are not beautiful or aesthetic but we would soon know if they weren’t there!

      PLEASE can the council vote for bins!


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