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Councillor Davod Harrison

Waterside Railway

Waterside Railway
Waterside Railway

It was a great joy today, to join hundreds of people who journeyed with me, on a train that travelled down the Waterside railway line, to Fawley and back.

The trip was organised by my friends at Hastings Diesels Ltd. The train was dubbed the “Fawley Forester”.

This was a special, one off, trip and was an ideal way of demonstrating what a magnificent means of travelling down the Waterside we have.

For me, it was easily the best trip I have ever had down to Fawley. It is so much better than travelling by road, along the A326.

The train affords views of the countryside, including open fields with deer in them and beautiful woodland.

You can see across the Solent, including the docks and the cruise ships.

Everyone I spoke to on the train was very impressed and agreed that it should become a regular service.

It was nice to see lots of people at the platforms and crossing points who had not bought a ticket but had made the effort to film the event and give us a friendly wave as we passed by.

I was asked to participate in a filmed interview as part of the media campaign, promoting the project.

I will upload it, if it is deemed okay by the technical team I work with.


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