Threat to Remembrance Day Parade

I was rather hoping that I could help sort out issues with regard to the Remembrance Day, without causing alarm that the whole event may be cancelled for

Closure of Testwood Recreation Ground Gates

I have had a lot of people ask me why the Town Council has spent your money on improving the parking facilities at Testwood recreation ground, only to commence a new system of locking the gates, so nobody can use them during hours of peak demand.

No KFC at Rushington

A car rental company, called Arnold Clark, have acquired the former Ridgeway car sales site at Rushington roundabout.

Waterside Railway

It was a great joy today, to join hundreds of people who journeyed with me, on a train that travelled down the Waterside railway line, to Fawley and back.

What a Team!

If you haven't had a leaflet through your door yet, you will soon.

Dibden Bay: My Approach

I was recently invited to undertake a tour of operations at Southampton docks.

Former Ridgeway Car Sales Site

A lot of people have asked me about this vacant site, located just off the Rushington roundabout.

Sinking Bridge Trouble

Just imagine the consequences if the main road bridge at Redbridge were to be closed!

Team Totton

I am really rather hopeful for good results in both the Totton South & Marchwood division, where I am standing and the Totton North & Netley Marsh division, where Caroline Rackham is standing.

Totton Finished

Today, I delivered the last leaflet that I am going to deliver in Totton in respect of my County Council election campaign.

Red Faced Tories Over Tide Mill Project

More than a few local residents have expressed surprise that that the project, known as "The Eling Experience", to renovate the Tide Mill and improve the Heritage Centre, to include a Learning Centre, has not materialised.

Totton Crime Update

I have now had an update from Sergeant Paul Southam, at Totton Police Station, with regard to questions I put to him.


I regret to report that the meeting I had set up with the police at Totton Police Station has had to be cancelled due to "Operational Reasons".

Police And Crime Update

I have been invited to visit Totton Police Station next week and discuss concerns about the apparent upsurge in crime with the Sergeant in charge.

Robberies And Burglaries

The survey of residents that I undertook in recent weeks has picked up a fairly widespread concern about the standard of policing in Totton.