LibDem Victory on Tip Restrictions

A report going to committee at Hampshire County Council next week seems to confirm that the conservatives have finally got the message...

Dibden Golf Centre

There was considerable discomfort amongst the long ranks of Tory benches today as we discussed a distinctly below par performance at Dibden Golf Centre.

Rumbridge Street Car Park

I would appreciate your views, particularly if you live in the area of Brokenford Lane, or use the Rumbridge Street car park.

Welcome Arnold Clark

It's good to see the former Ridgeway Car Sales site being made ready for use again.

Last Chance for Jet Skiers

I am still receiving reports of a minority of jet skiers ignoring the speed restrictions at Eling Quay and riding in ways that create an unacceptable hazard.

Dolphin at Eling

Reports are coming in, that there is a dolphin swimming up and down the River Test, currently between Eling & Marchwood.

The battle for clean air

I am very pleased that Hounsdown School has joined the battle with Friends of The Earth to campaign for cleaner air. I will be joining them in Totton Town Centre on Thursday at 2pm for "Clean Air Day".

Fun in the Sun

There has been much "argy bargy" over the three water facilities provided by the Town Council.

Parade to Continue

It was good to see the leading Members of the local branch of the Royal British Legion address the Council tonight, explaining the situation about the responsibility

Testwood Recreation Ground Gates UPDATE

I attended the Town Council meeting tonight and tried to persuade fellow Town Councillors that it would be best to keep the gates open

Threat to Remembrance Day Parade

I was rather hoping that I could help sort out issues with regard to the Remembrance Day, without causing alarm that the whole event may be cancelled for

Closure of Testwood Recreation Ground Gates

I have had a lot of people ask me why the Town Council has spent your money on improving the parking facilities at Testwood recreation ground, only to commence a new system of locking the gates, so nobody can use them during hours of peak demand.

No KFC at Rushington

A car rental company, called Arnold Clark, have acquired the former Ridgeway car sales site at Rushington roundabout.

Waterside Railway

It was a great joy today, to join hundreds of people who journeyed with me, on a train that travelled down the Waterside railway line, to Fawley and back.