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Councillor Davod Harrison

Totton Crime Update

update on crime
Hampshire Police - for illustration purposes only
I have now had an update from Sergeant Paul Southam, at Totton Police Station, with regard to questions I put to him. The following statement provides some measure of reassurance that they are responding to the increase in criminal activity in the town, with some success.

I don’t yet have much of a clue as to how the resources issue is impacting on the ability of the police to provide the level of service we expect. We know that there are a lot less police officers, as a result of “cut backs”.

The Police & Crime Commissioner is responsible for ensuring the police have the necessary means to do their job properly.

I have had an opportunity to review the concerns raised in your email of the 27/03/17, please find an update below to these points.

We are aware of local community concerns over a perceived increase in crime in Totton and would like to reassure you about our efforts to tackle criminal activity.

There hasn’t been a crime wave as recently reported, but we have experienced a spike and in response to this have conducted a number of operations.

We have made a number of key arrests relating to crimes committed in Totton recently. The hard work of our officers in making these arrests demonstrates the positive action we are taking to tackle criminal activity.

We have a neighbourhoods team based in Totton, which is supported by response and patrol officers and detectives who all work together to investigate incidents. The neighbourhoods team is actively engaged with the local community and part of its work includes providing crime prevention advice to residents and businesses.

We are focused on protecting vulnerable people against crime and will continue to prioritise our resources to deal with a range of different incidents as appropriate.

The details of the arrests are:

• Three men have been arrested in connection with a burglary in Rumbridge Street, Totton on March 21. A 26-year-old man from Totton was bailed until June 9. A 24-year-old man from Marchwood and a 48-year-old man from Totton were bailed until June 12.

• Scott Hunt, 42, from Bournemouth has been charged with three counts of theft from a motor vehicle, one count of vehicle interference and one count of possession of a controlled drug (Class B). He is due to appear at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on April 20.

• A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a robbery at a cash machine near Poundland in Totton on April 1. He has been released but is still under investigation.

I have also attached two recent press releases from Hampshire constabulary to contextualise the overarching issues being managed.

We have a strong working relationship with the CCTV operators and continue to use the system to identify offenders and also monitor public safety across the New Forest area. It may be worthy of further discussion around an expansion of the CCTV network to support the ongoing police and community work to reduce offending activity.

We wouldn’t speculate on social media feeds as anyone can cast un- evidenced aspersions on social media without much recourse, especially if from anonymous platforms.

As a police service we need reasonable grounds to arrest and evidence to prosecute. I would reiterate and ask that you as local councillors encourage residents to report matters through the 101 service or 999 if appropriate if they become aware of such information. This will allow us to develop intelligence and evidence by following up on identified sources to gain grounds for arrest and prosecution as well as crime prevention.

Hampshire Constabulary and the policing teams working across Totton would always wish to work with local councillors to minimise the fear of crime and ensure that any criminal activities is reported through the appropriate channels so that we can focus resources on those committing criminal and Anti-social activities in Totton.

My team and the other policing teams that cover Totton continue to work hard to build public confidence and trust and through appropriately reporting crimes either directly or through our website we will be able to continue to identify an deal with offenders.

Kind Regards

Paul Southam

Sgt 22782
Totton Prevention and Neighbourhoods
Hampshire Constabulary

” I have sent a message of thanks and support to the Sergeant and his team. I think they are doing their level best to cope with what seems to be a real increase in crime. The police don’t seem to want to speculate as to why crime is increasing. They are more focused on dealing with it, with some success.

A lot of residents think that much of the crime is related to drug taking and that it often involves criminals that don’t live in the town. For my part, I suspect that the cuts in the numbers of police officers is having an impact. If people think they are likely to get away with crime, they will be more inclined to commit offences”.


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  1. Jo Bloggs on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Would you advise us where the neighbourhood watch team is in Totton? I have lived here over thirty years and never heard of?

    Whilst the police have a good relationship with CCTV operators, the operators first priority is not the CCTV therefore crime is often missed plus CCTV does not show anything except central Totton. We need police in Totton, we pay council tax for that service and feel that we are being short changed

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