Well this is what happened just two years ago, in the 2015 General Election.

An even more damaging statistic was that the Liberal Democrats (traditionally the main challenger to the Tories) were pushed back into fourth place. Election results don’t come much worse than that.

Well, as a party, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down, rolled our sleeves up and have fought back.

Whatever happens, I am truly proud of the team effort that has delivered such a good campaign, both on the ground and through social media.

You may want to compare what happens this time around with the last result.

The worst comment to my Facebook Page has been a young Tory supporter who told me ” I don’t have a chance”.

In a democracy, all candidates have a chance – otherwise, there would be no point in anyone standing and we would simply have a dictatorship.

Let’s afford respect to all candidates, whether they win or lose. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to put yourself out there. It is all too easy to criticise and pick holes in any campaign, especially when you have no idea what goes into it on the part of volunteers.

I do hope all those reading this have found the time to vote.

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