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Councillor Davod Harrison

Tories use your cash to create another non-job for one of their own

Flick Drummond, pictured left in this photo
Flick Drummond, pictured left in this photo

It almost defies belief. I thought it was a joke.

However, it turns out to be true.

Regular readers of my Facebook Page will know that I have been somewhat critical of the post that the Tories created of “Police & Crime Commissioner”.

Very few people voted for the Tory who got the job in Hampshire, a former Councillor called Michael Lane.

This time, without even holding an election, he has appointed a Deputy who will attend meetings and “help with his campaigns”.

The post has been allocated a salary of £64,000.

Guess what?

The lucky person to have been selected for this job is Flick Drummond, not just a Conservative supporter, but an ex Conservative MP, (pictured on the left of the photo above), who lost her Portsmouth South seat earlier this year.

Rejected by the voters, but given this cosy little number.

Doesn’t this make you love the Conservative party?

They sure do look after one another with our money, don’t they?


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