At the moment, the Conservatives running Hampshire County Council, don’t have to take advice from myself and other Lib Dem Councillors.

However, I am hoping that may change from May 4th, when we have elections to see who runs the authority.

The latest “rubbish” idea from the Tories is to appoint a fly-tipping trouble shooter, at a cost of £50,000 a year.

Only three weeks ago, the Tories were denying there was any increase in fly tipping. The public, of course, know differently! We have all seen examples of waste being tipped by the roadside.

We don’t need a new Fly Tipping Tsar, costing £50,000 a year. All it needs is for recycling to be made easier. Drop the stupid restrictions in place that mean some items people want to take to the tip are not regarded as household waste.

The Tories on the District Council are making it still more difficult to recycle by removing 80 mini recycling centres from all around the district. Apparently, it’s being done to save money.

I have had to battle to keep the Marchwood Tip from closing some days and reducing the hours of operation.

In my view they will end up spending more money picking up fly tipped waste, as well as a £50,000 job that won’t make any difference.


  1. Peter Slade


    I completely agree with your perspective on the situation. Can you advise on changes in policy in the future. I am a relatively new homeowner with a high number of “DIY” projects ongoing. Additional charges for rubble or plasterboard seem over the top!


    Mr Slade

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