Simply put, the problem with housing is that there isn’t enough of it.

Once again, we have a government that says it is determined to sort things out.

It’s produced a White Paper, which is a a kind of draft statement of government intentions.

It has asked local Councillors to comment upon it. I did so at a meeting of the Planning Committee this week.

I said that we need to find some mechanism to ensure that developments that are given planning permission, do, in fact, go ahead.

There is a lot of undeveloped space in Totton, (including this ugly area at the end of Brokenford Lane), that has been given permission, but the developers have chosen not to proceed.

I’m afraid it looks increasingly like Eling Wharf won’t be developed.

Still no planning application received.

The contamination issue hasn’t been sorted.

It looks to me like the owners of the site are content to use it as “docks overspill”.

I have never seen so many containers on the site.

I think that the “Right to Buy” policy should be abolished.

The Council has now lost half its’ stock of Council housing.

Interestingly, I heard two Tory Councillors express the same view at this meeting.

I also strongly disagree with the Tory Government instruction to Planning Appeal Inspectors to give permission to developers wanting to build on green fields, even before the Council has had a chance to sort out its’ 20 year local plan, (includes all the things you need by way of infrastructure, schools, doctors surgeries, community facilities, etc).

I do think that Councils should be given greater powers to build council housing or at least truly affordable homes, for rent or part-purchase.

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