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Councillor Davod Harrison

Second Home Sales Should Require Planning Permission

planning permission for 2nd homes

I am backing the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP, in his bid to change the law so that anyone wishing to sell a family home as a second home in places like the New Forest National Park would need to gain planning permission to do so.

Tim Farron represents an area of Cumbria where many homes are being snapped up by second home buyers, depriving the offspring of local people the opportunity to live in the area.

I think we have much the same situation in the New Forest.

Villages like Burley already have about half the homes vacant most of the time, because they are owned by people who live and work mostly in London.

Simply leaving this to “market forces” means communities slowly lose any identity.

It becomes increasingly difficult for small shops and post offices to survive.

Even pubs struggle to survive if the number of people actually living permanently in a village declines.

National Parks have a duty to protect the economic well being of the communities that live in the area.

They need to be given the necessary powers to do so.

As ever, I am interested in your views…..


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